it's about how to save our planet from global warming.
Why?? cause not just ME stay in this planet there are YOU, THEM, OUR KIDS AND MANY BEAUTIFUL THING. so come on let's save OUR PLANET!!

May 20, 2009

Eco-friendly sex - How to get more!

  1. Have sex and become green Save water by having a shower together and if you have to race to the bedroom don't keep the shower running. In winter, have sex before sleeping so that the bedroom will become cozy, and the thermostat can be put at lower temperature. A motorbike ride for both is a kind eco-friendly, energy-saving method to enhance blood circulation and can be very stimulating, mostly for ladies. You can set the mood and save energy with the candle-lit dinner.
  2. Eco Green Lubrication Whether you need lube or not, a little more ambiguousness can improve your enjoyment. As with other personal care articles, opt for organic, eco-friendly products and stay away from} synthetic colors, flavor and scents and petroleum products. Natural lubes are also available.
  3. Eco Friendly Condoms A latex condom is the best choice for safe sex free of pregnancy. Vegans can have Glyde condoms, while other normal latex products are liable to have milk enzyme added to it. It is doubtful whether latex condoms have biodegradability and if they would it be changed by the lubes and further additives. Lambskin condoms are eco-friendly but they can prevent pregnancy, not STDs. Polyurethane condoms being basically plastic, are not eco-friendly. Worn condoms should invariably go the garbage deposit. {Flushing {down of condoms in the toilet won't do better as they will clog the pipelines, treatment plants and result in contamination of the rivers. So the standard of 'Condense - Recycle - Reprocess' is not valid in the case of condoms.
  4. Eco Friendly Green sex toys The Durex Global Sex Survey declares that vibrators are utilized by 43% of the individuals of the US. Many sex toys contain phthalates, a family of chemical compounds that are utilized for smoothening solid plastics like PVC and to provide a jelly-like feeling. The EU has imposed a ban on the usage of phthalates in kids' toys from 2004. The toxic environment and health dangers of phthalates, mainly in sex toys that are made to use in hot and moist parts of the body, comprise a matter of great concern. When the disclaimer found on sex toy packages declares that the device is for 'originality motive only' it has to be taken as a indirect cautioning. Be secure with toys made of metal, glass, silicone, elastomers or motorized sex toy, go for a rechargeable toy or use your rechargeable batteries.
  5. Eco Friendly Bamboo bed sheets If you have in no way utilized these eco-friendly bed sheets before, you are losing out. Bamboo material has a smooth texture and soaks up moisture; it is naturally opposed to micro-organisms and is processed from a fast renewable supply, and feels sexy.
  6. Eco-friendly underwear Extremely sexy lingerie and underwear made from natural cotton, cane, hemp silk and other renewable filaments are now available. When buying, look for quality and not novelty. Purchasing night apparel that will be utilized only a few times is not a great deal. Why not pay out a little more cash and buy an outfit that is elegant, long-lasting and sexy?
  7. Be a vegan If you are non vegetarian now and it may happen that a romantic trip is on the way, try out a vegetarian or vegan diet. Possiblities are that you will be considered a good friend of the Earth. The creation of meat is highly energy dependent and is liable for 70% of water contamination, in the United States. Reduction of your meat ingestion is a very eco-friendly approach. Moreover lots of sports people approve a vegan diet for extended duration.
  8. Eco Friendly Organic sex stimulants It is believed that herbs like ginseng, damiana leaves, kava roots, kelp, horny goat weed, tribulus, rhodiola rosea and ginko biloba can assist stimulate passion - more so if they are available with natural certification. Moreover some foods and drinks are considered exciting, the trusted ones being natural wine and champagne. -Douglas Rock

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  1. Thats great you want to help out and all but like I say to most people we are not experience global warming from anything we've done.

    All the planets in our solar system are heating up meaning that the SUN is getting hotter.

    I'd recommend watching David Wilcock 2012 Engima on under alternative thinking section.

    I would also recommend looking at the alternative energy section. We don't have to give up using modern day devices there is a lot of ways that we could right now have ultimate and free energy.

    Plus after you realize that global warming is a hoax so that they can tax us for breathing you will soon see that moving in "Green" is a good thing but we shouldn't standing around blaming ourselves for something that happens from time to time in our solar system.

    -Simranjeet Singh