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May 4, 2009

Recycled Wood: For a greener environment

Recycling, a process of converting scrap into reusable form has been term long associated with electronic, chemical, glass and textile items but recently. Recycled wood is the latest popular word among the responsible citizens who care for the environment and the future. The concept of recycled wood is becoming popular because of its environment friendly aspect. Apparently, reusing wood will lessen the demand for green wood and thereby save a lot of trees.

So how is the wood recycled? Mostly demolishers of old buildings and bridges carefully strip out the wood used in the structures before demolition. This salvaged wood is sold to the merchants, who then re-mill the wood by manually scanning it with a metal detector. This allows them to denial the entire piece of wood. This recycled wood or recycled timber is then often sold to the consumer as recycled flooring, beams and decking.

However, the use of recycled wood doesn’t only stay limited to the construction aspect of a human living. Recycled wood furniture is becoming quite popular among the homemakers these days. Not only because the Recycled Furniture is environment friendly, but also because it is rather affordable. People are fast doing away with the stigma of second hand stores and looking towards recycled furniture for home decorations. To suit their personalities, they get the furniture coated with trendy colors.

Another use of recycled wood comes across when you plan to pick up windows for your home. Though glass windows cannot be recycled commercially, people are using recycled windows to build up complete news structures in their backyard. A greenhouse or a sun house made from recycled windows can not only give a new dimension to your home but also save a large part of your budget, you thought of spending on new construction materials.

With the increase in consciousness among the consumers, the producers are also gradually becoming innovative in the use of recycled wood. Woods are now not only recycled but are made water resistant, termite resistant before they are sent in to the market. Home decorators are now suggesting use of recycled wood in making balconies, court yards and garden paving.

Before purchasing the wood, you can always ask the supplier about the origin of the wood. Some suppliers may fail to answer the proper source from where the wood came from; in that case you can consider a different supplier. Breathing becomes much easier in your home when you know that you have saved a tree and contributed towards building a greener environment for the future generation. -Smit Mathur

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